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Mentoring Regional Businesses

Diamond Member Maree Gooch and Principal at Belay Consulting, is helping business operators in rural and regional Australia get a clearer vision of where they want to go and how to get there. Maree Gooch thinks most business owners already have the answers to their business challenges – they just don’t know how to unlock them. Maree is an experienced business mentor who has worked as a primary producer and tourism

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Marketing – Where do you start ?

Marketing – Where do you start ? Author: Cathy Smith, Catco Enterprises Where are you spending your marketing dollars? Are you following fads that don’t work? Are you forever chasing shiny “marketing results” offers that cost money but don’t bring results? Our news feeds and emails are constantly filled with experts offering the latest must haves. ‘Generate leads with this special deal,’ ‘Get rich now’, ‘Quick or you will miss

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The life cycle and growth strategies of business

If every business owner and CEO considered where the business is in its life-cycle, many poor decisions could be avoided. The business life cycle starts the day you incorporate and is generally followed by an initial growth stage as sales are made.At this stage certain strategies then support the business to get to the next phase, the expansion stage and moving into new markets.Once at the mature  stage of operation, things

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Reaching for My Power Statement

I have just read ‘My Power Statement’ by Vida Carlino. I am always keen to learn ways to help me improve my chances of better success. I read the book cover to cover and I love the way the chapters were written, they progressed through the book like a self-help manual or a mini course on learning how to step up your game. When I finished it I start to flick

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The Power of a Personal Leadership Brand

You can never underestimate the importance of a personal leadership brand. Do you know what your brand is?  Have you deliberately considered and crafted your own brand to reflect your value, thoughts and opinions as a leader?  Now, is the time to define what you stand for and why. In the world of business, the arts and professions, our Leadership brand is outward focused – it is what the public,

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Women on the Rise 2016 – Director’s Reflections

Reflections written by Lyn Hawkins, Director – Business Women Australia. The Business Women Australia team is busy working to get everything underway for our flagship event, Women on the Rise 2016. It is my favourite events in our calendar as the women nominated are all so interesting and successful. They truly deserve to be celebrated. It is important to give recognition; and peer recognition is one of the most beautiful

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