Gourmet Bus Tour “A Day in the Hills”

Date: 12 April 2019

Business Women Australia Gourmet Bus Tour: A Day in the Hills

Business Women Australia invites you to take the day off work and get out of the office to unwind and connect with old friends and new.  Join us on our Annual Gourmet Bus Tour with a day in the hills as we explore the Ferguson Valley and beautiful surrounds.
Women, Wine & Waffle – what a combination!
This year our gourmet tour takes in Ferguson Valley, Ferguson Falls and Gnomesville. This will be a great day to enjoy fresh air, gorgeous views and fabulous food so close to Bunbury and have some fun along the way.
Ferguson Falls Wines Café has established itself as a popular and must visit venue overlooking the Ferguson Valley. It is the ideal spot for our lunch when enjoying the picturesque scenery and sampling the great range of wines and cheeses the region has to offer.
Gnomesville, has a population of about 7,000, yet you won’t find it “officially” on any map. It is truly a place to see with thousands of Gnomes made from all manner of artificial materials—wood, plastic, plaster, ceramic, metal, just about anything you can use. If you want to bring a Gnome to add to the collection, we could have our own little BWA village!
Strictly limited to 20 business women, so be quick to secure your seat. 
PICKUP: Mandurah Train Station at 9am and Bunbury at 10.30am.
DROP OFF: Bunbury drop off appox. 3.45pm and Mandurah before 5.30pm.
Highlights of tour:
  • Ferguson Falls Wine and Cheese Tasting
  • Gourmet Lunch with designer pizza and salads.
  • Gnomesville – bring a gnome to add to the collection
Any questions contact Cathy Smith or call on 0409 489 464.
Included: The bus tour, wine and cheese tasting and pizza lunch, but bring your money for take homes and souvenirs – delicious wine, cheese and fabulous gifts.
A special thanks to our sponsor Bunbury Circle Leader Cathy Smith, CATCO Enterprises, who designed and booked this gourmet bus tour and assisted with the marketing of the event collaborating with Business Women Australia.
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