Focus Group – Perth WA

Date: 4 July 2019 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Location: Tart’s Cafe, 212 Lake Street, NORTHBRIDGE 6230


Facilitated Mastermind and Focus Group – PERTH WA

“Sharing business challenges with a support group in a safe environment”

Join BWA Diamond Member Vida Carlino, published Author, Speaker and Leader in conscious evolution, inspirational mindfulness and authentic accountability as we discuss conscious leadership, the power of connection and how we can best utilise the feminine and masculine energies that exist within all of us.

Vida is here to bridge the gap between spirit, enterprise, and holistic prosperity by doing whatever is necessary to make things work.

This Focus Group brings together experience and knowledge so that you can confidently ask the hard questions about “how to use collective wisdom to grow your business”. The benefits are so valuable that you should be quick to book your seat.

Come and learn about the importance of authentic, and conscious connection, inspiration and leadership. We will also be discussing the upcoming Women’s Gathering Return to You, which was born from a desire to create space for women to experience connection so genuine and openhearted that it changes the fundamental relationship women have with themselves and each other.

This event will be an intimate one with limited seats available.

We believe that belonging to a tribe who support each other is a recipe for success.


Vida describes herself as a seeker of Wisdom, a lover of ritual and scared space, published author, speaker, leader in conscious Inspiration, wisdom mindset and authentic accountability. After many years of coaching and facilitating men and women in cognitive and sacred exploration through workshops, retreats and one on one programs. Vida believes we are all on a great journey to discover who we are so we can fully inhabit our authentic selves in careers, business, health, wealth, spirituality, and matters of the heart.

Chatham house rules apply so if you have a challenge, problem or opportunity that you would like to share with this peer-to-peer collective know that what is said in the boardroom, stays in the boardroom.


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