BWA, Perth: Women Empowering Women

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BWA, Perth: Women Empowering Women

September 9, 2021 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
18 Victoria Ave
18 Victoria Avenue Claremont
WA 6010 Australia
$11.64 – $25
BWA, Perth: Women Empowering Women @ 18 Victoria Ave
Women Empowering Women Sundowner

About this event

A sundowner is always a lovely way to get a group of women together, especially hosted by Business Women Australia, 3 drops wines, and Louise M shoes.

Host of Louise M Empowerment podcast, Louise Matson, will share lessons learned from successful business women while recording her podcast series. Louise is intrigued by where one’s empowerment journey starts and how this develops as an adult. She will share what she has learned about:

  • Where our empowerment journey starts.
  • Ways to gain self empowerment.
  • How women are empowering women.

“Empowerment is all about freedom” Lyn Hawkins.

Louise has had the privilege and honour to interview and share the empowerment journey of women from a variety of business sectors including National Director of Business Women Australia, Lyn Hawkins.

You will feel empowered just being there. Join us!

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