The Importance of Data Security in Generative AI

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The Importance of Data Security in Generative AI

May 24, 2024 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
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The Importance of Data Security in Generative AI

Join Business Women Australia with Microsoft’s Data Security Go to Market Lead Martina Saldi for this informative webinar on The Importance of Data Security in Generative AI. In an era where generative AI is revolutionising industries with its ability to create content autonomously, safeguarding sensitive information has never been more critical. Martina will guide participants through the nuances of securing data throughout the entire life cycle of generative AI, from training models to deploying them in real-world applications. We will tackle key challenges, share real-world examples, and equip attendees with actionable strategies to fortify their data defences, ensuring compliance with regulations and fostering a secure AI environment. This webinar is a must-attend for professionals seeking to navigate the evolving landscape of AI responsibly and pro-actively protect their organisation’s valuable data assets.

By the end of this interactive session, you’ll be empowered with knowledge to implement robust data security measures, promoting not only the reliability of your AI applications but also contributing to the broader industry dialogue on ethical and secure AI practices. Join us for an engaging and informative session that bridges the gap between cutting-edge technology and responsible data management.


Martina is a Premium member of Business Women Australia, an Italian expat living in Sydney, with a professional background in product marketing, sales, and PR. Martina currently works as Security, Compliance, Data and Risk Management Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft ANZ. She was already working for Microsoft back in Italy when she left Milan to explore the World with her husband and fulfil her life dream to live in different Countries. Her journey brought her in Singapore, India, and Japan where she lived for about 4 years and where she got married and had a beautiful baby. In Tokyo, Martina organised large events for the Italian Chamber of Commerce and developed go-to- market strategies for Chamber’s members and Government Institutions across the Country. “Being an expat mum can be tough sometimes, but It totally revolutionised the way I approach life, the challenges and the risks that come with it.”

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