Sydney BWA Chats, Cheese & Wine: Is Self Care a Business Super Power?

Sydney, BWA Chats, Cheese & Wine: Is Self Care a Business Super Power?

March 8, 2023 @ 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm
The Fernery
719 Military Rd Mosman
NSW 2088 Australia
Sydney, BWA Chats, Cheese & Wine: Is Self Care a Business Super Power? @ The Fernery

Join Business Women Australia and Clinical Psychologist Emma Gray as we discuss over cheese and wine, a courageous conversation taking a deep look in to the professional value of self care.

As women, many of us are taught to put ourselves last and others first. However, self-sacrifice can lead to burnout and depletion. Practising self-care includes setting boundaries, taking time for reflection and relaxation, and prioritising personal needs. These behaviours improve performance in the workplace and lead to a more fulfilling life. Research shows that mindfulness, taking regular breaks, and other self-care practices can boost personal effectiveness and wellbeing. However, it takes courage to say no to things or people who deplete us, especially when there are strong expectations from others. In this courageous conversation we will explore these issues and consider why we can so often feel anxious, guilty or selfish when putting ourselves first. Is self-care selfish or a necessity for flourishing?

Book today as the event is limited to 16 business women. Chatham House rules apply. What is said or happens, stays in the space.

About Emma Gray

Emma Gray is the founder of Mindfulness Sanctuary Group, working with leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers who are passionate about creating meaningful impact in the world. We specialise in mindfulness-based leadership coaching programs and wellbeing retreats to empower women to make transformational change in their business and personal lives.

Recognising that the most powerful change happens from within, our programs focus on helping women tune into their Highest Self, shifting limiting beliefs, and cultivating a sense of confidence and empowerment which only comes from true alignment with our highest values and purpose. Our programs help women discover their true Soul Calling, and live with joy, vitality, ease and flow.

Emma is a bestselling author, Clinical Psychologist, Meditation teacher and Leadership Coach. With a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, she blends her understanding of modern neuroscience with traditional Eastern approaches to mind, body, and spiritual wellbeing.

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