Online Workshop – Members Only: Cultural DNA Blueprint and Connection

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Online Workshop – Members Only: Cultural DNA Blueprint and Connection

February 13, 2024 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am
Online Workshop
Online Workshop - Members Only: Cultural DNA Blueprint and Connection @ Online Workshop

This online Member-only workshop is designed for BWA Leading members, our hosts, partners, facilitators and speakers.

In this hands-on, interactive session we will develop a deep understanding of how to lead and facilitate BWA experiences in line with the Business Women Australia cultural DNA Blueprint. This learning can be applied to any leadership role not only within BWA, but in our own workplaces.

BWA events have been described as uniquely different to most networking experiences. They are designed and delivered in line with a very special DNA that has been developed even before Business Women Australia was first established in 2015.

Learn the parameters of engagement that will ensure your next experience hosting or leading a BWA event is extraordinary, and inline with BWA values and our point of difference. As leaders we will explore the art of facilitating that promotes active listening, holding space, inclusion and engagement ensuring safe and meaningful connection.

All leading members of BWA are invited to understand and implement the methods and practices that we have found to be powerful to deliver experiences that designed to guide growth. With knowledge of BWA’s DNA blueprint everyone experiences our fabulous culture, whether events are delivered locally and nationally, online or in-person no matter what format or topic they cover.

Not only will we connect in a meaningful way at this fun, insightful online webinar, National Director of Business Women Australia, Lyn Hawkins, with Leader Vida Carlino, will explain how Business Women Australia has developed a unique cultural DNA, based on clear parameters embracing the power of feminine and masculine energy, stepping outside the norm embracing co-design principles, higher influence, shared values and compassion. Learn what defines the experiences we deliver as uniquely different to other networking groups.

Don’t miss this chance to hear about the BWA Cultural DNA Blueprint and how you can align with this as a leader within the community. Register now to secure the webinar Zoom link.

About Vida Carlino:

Vida is a Published Author, Speaker and Leader in conscious evolution, inspirational mindfulness and authentic accountability. She is a social entrepreneur, founder of Inspiration Source, owner of the Inspiration Space and author of MY POWER STATEMENT. Vida strives to inspire everyone to live a more enriched, fulfilling and conscious life. Since the age of 24, Vida has been in business for herself, and successfully owned and operated multiple businesses. As an experienced and wise facilitator Vida deliberately creates micro moments of impact to inspire a willingness to express the trust that allows real conversation to unfold regardless of discomfort, challenge or viewpoint.

“Facilitating BWA events enables conversations that are unique opportunities for honest engagement and openness. In the quest for professional, business and material success, there is often a longing for meaningful connection with self and others. Our events are meaningful experiences for women, no matter what their title, role or expertise is. I am looking forward to hosting and teaching others the art of facilitating an event in line with the BWA DNA blueprint.”

Vida Carlino


Lyn is the Founder and National Director of Business Women Australia and a management consultant and leadership coach. She is known for her practical focus on achieving growth and transformation. Lyn advises some of Australia’s most successful professional firms and business leadership teams. She is also the WA Director of the Private Wealth Network and mentors Commerce students at UWA. Lyn has held senior roles with KPMG, HHG Legal Group, HLB Mann Judd and Telstra, in addition to General Management roles with technology-based businesses.


BWA brings together business women from all sectors, industries and states;

  1. business owners and entrepreneurs
  2. executives and managers
  3. professionals
  4. women on boards
  5. emerging leaders
  6. women who desire growth and high level connections

Business Women Australia is focused on key areas of development;

  1. Leadership
  2. Business Improvement
  3. Personal and Professional Growth
  4. Connections and Friendship

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