Online Mastermind: Investment Strategies Q&A

Online Mastermind: Investment Strategies Q&A

Join us for an exclusive Online Mastermind session with National Director of Business Women Australia Lyn Hawkins, and special guest Katie McDonald from Private Wealth Architects. This session offers a unique opportunity to gain insights from top professionals in the investment world. Lyn Hawkins brings her extensive experience in empowering business women, while Katie McDonald, a leading private wealth advisor, specialises in crafting personalised investment strategies. Together, they will provide actionable advice and innovative strategies to enhance your investment portfolio.

Don’t miss this chance to elevate your investment knowledge and connect with like-minded professionals. Engage directly with our experts during the interactive Q&A, network with fellow investors, and walk away with practical insights that can transform your financial future. Secure your spot today and unlock your investment potential!

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Katie’s investment journey started when she purchased her first investment property at age 21. This transformed her perception of how to make money.  Over the next decade, Katie and her family created an investment property portfolio that included renovate and flip, developments and buy/renovate & hold. This experience led her to become a strategic financial Adviser with over 25 years of experience working with family groups and businesses, and she assists them with growing and safeguarding their assets for future generations. Katie holds an AdvDip. (FP), a BCom (major in Finance), and Financial Planning peak international certification of Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

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