Online: Lazy is the New Driver with Pauline Bright, Lyn Hawkins and Belinda Lay

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Online: Lazy is the New Driver with Pauline Bright, Lyn Hawkins and Belinda Lay

April 14, 2020 @ 4:15 pm – 5:15 pm
Online: Lazy is the New Driver with Pauline Bright, Lyn Hawkins and Belinda Lay @ Online

Laziness has a bad reputation that just might be wrong!

Being lazy is usually viewed as a negative attribute connected with procrastination or lack of motivation, but can embracing ‘the lazy’ drive innovation and invention?

In this mastermind BWA Duo Pauline Bright and Lyn Hawkins will explore the disruptive views of agritech explorer Belinda Lay.

According to Belinda, being lazy has helped her look at easier ways to achieve better outcomes in agriculture and food production.

Join us for a very different mastermind that will unlock lazy inventiveness and delight you with an insight to the challenges and opportunities rural business women are seeing in our world right now.

Be inspired by Belinda’s experiences over the last year, since winning the 2019 Agrifutures Rural Women’s Award – WA. Belinda describes herself as a community minded, strong, independent, eternal learner who hopes that her broad mind and narrow waist never swaps places.

Members and prospective members are welcome to join in for this insightful online mastermind that will expose exciting new ways of thinking and approaching opportunities to make an impact and improve our world.


Lean into your planning with clear intention and make room for synchronicity that allows space for opportunities.

We would love to see you online.

This event begins at :

WA: 4:15pm

NT, SA: 5:45pm

QLD, NSW, VIC: 6:15pm


About our Mastermind Trio:

Pauline Bright is the Director of Bright Business, a successful entrepreneur, business coach, mentor, trainer and speaker. She is sought for her expertise in short and long term business planning, workplace culture, performance enhancement and sales strategies.

Lyn Hawkins is the National Director of Business Women Australia and Principal of Hawkins Marketing. Over an impressive career in business strategy and marketing, she has worked with hundreds of business owners driving growth and business development. She has worked with SMEs, corporations, membership bodies and professional firms including KPMG, Telstra, Diverse IT, HHG Legal Group and HLB Mann Judd.

Belinda Lay is a business partner at Coolindown Farms, a mixed Grain/Sheep farming enterprise and been involved with the business for over 12 years. Her roles range from physical farming through to administration. “Jill of all trades” she started in Agriculture as a Jillaroo 24 yrs ago. With years of farming and animal handling experience, Belinda a unique view to many situations – from the microcosm of sheep breeders as a broader reflection of misogyny in society through to the disconnect in our communities about what really happens in animal farming, It is not just an urban issue. Having developed a strong understanding of innate animal behaviour (in particular sheep), combined with the rise of animal activism and anti-animal farming sentiments, Belinda felt compelled to establish her own company, Ezifarm Pty Ltd to explore better ways of farming by using technology. She has been running trials of Ag technologies in a commercial farm setting (concentrating heavily on animal sensors) to establish if we can evidence best practice and provide farmers with computerised assistance to monitor animals and improve processes. This lead to Belinda winning the 2019 Agrifutures Rural Womens Award for Western Australia. Belinda is a also member of the Country Women’s Association (CWA) for over 15yrs and currently sits on the WA State Board.

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This event begins at :

WA: 4:15pm

NT, SA: 5:45pm

QLD, NSW, VIC: 6:15pm


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