Online, BWA: Building Capability Beyond the Crisis

July 29, 2021 @ 4:15 pm – 6:30 pm
Online, BWA: Building Capability Beyond the Crisis @ ONLINE


Join our MC Kylie Clarke (Evise) and our expert Panel with Shayne Nealon (PBC), Danielle Dobson (Code Conversations) and Kerrie-Anne Turner (Telstra Enterprise) for a conversation offering three leadership perspectives on building capability beyond the pandemic.

This leadership discussion will explore the brave new world facing Australian organisations as we navigate a world of uncertainty and change. Our three leadership experts, Shayne Nealon, Danielle Dobson and Kerrie-Anne Turner, will share their insights and opinions on what is required for building organisational capability to ensure success in a volatile future.

Join us and delve into the most powerful ways leaders can build and retain high performing teams, manage risks and embrace innovation, diversity and inclusion, to create sustainable opportunities for growth.

There will be an opportunity for Q&A and networking with the BWA community of members and guests.

EVERYONE IS WELCOME to register for the ZOOM link and join the conversation.

This event begins at:
WA: 2:15PM
SA, NT: 1:45PM

A FOLLOW UP DEEP DIVE IN SYDNEY Will be held at Peter Berry Consultancy on 31st August. If you are in Sydney we recommend you attend both this online event AND the in-person event which can be found HERE.

About Kylie Clarke:
With a background of over 15+ years in events, communications and membership in the not-for-profit sector, Kylie is one of the Directors of event-tech and event management consultancy start up Evise. Currently completing an MBA, Kylie holds a Diploma of Event Management and a Professional Certificate in Food and Nutritional Coaching. Having walked the walk and vast years of experience within the events industry, she has proven ability to lead and deliver complex projects with collaboration, innovation, and integrity. Kylie brings to the table a mature, pragmatic, and personal approach, along with a fantastic sense of humour and authentic, team-orientated leadership.

About Shayne Nealon:
Shayne is the Managing Partner of Peter Berry Consultancy (PBC).  Her interest in people, culture and organisational performance led Shayne to a career in people development, leadership, and research. She now spearheads industry best practice in leadership programs, psychometric assessments, capability and competency frameworks, coaching and mentoring C-suite, and research into leadership, people, engagement and performance.  At PBC Shayne manages the highly successful management consultancy and is a respected thought leader in the industry.  An ardent advocate for women, Shayne has led workplace initiatives resulting in improved pay and conditions for women. She has co-authored several research papers dealing with high performing CEOs, Australia’s workforce DNA, customer service, emerging leaders and female leadership. Shayne is a founding member of Global Women Leaders. She is on the advisory board for GLWS, an organisation offering evidence-based employee wellbeing and leadership development solutions. Shayne is a Premium member of Business Women Australia.

About Kerrie-Anne Turner:
Kerrie-Anne is the Executive Head Telstra Enterprise, Marketing & Commercial at Telstra. A visionary leader in STEM, her impressive career in VP and MD roles has seen her driving strategic sales growth for leading international organisations embracing SAAS and cloud-based solutions. She is an experienced board member and advocate for diversity and inclusion. Kerrie-Anne has a passion for leading collaborative, high-performance teams, and to utilise technology for positive change. Kerrie-Anne was the Head of Commercial Business and Channels in Australia and NZ for VMware since 2015 until earlier this year where she took on her new role at Telstra. She is the Deputy Chair; Speaker and Lecturer at E-LEAD Global Centre of Excellence for Leadership, Engagement and Development and is a Board Member of the Fundraising, Advocacy and Marketing Committee of Family Planning, NSW. Kerrie-Anne is a regular keynote and popular speaker, and a Premium member of Business Women Australia.

About Danielle Dobson:
Danielle is the Founder of Code Conversions. A former Certified Practicing Accountant with extensive corporate and NFP experience, Danielle worked for 14 years in four countries and covered everything from private practice to multinationals, Danielle believes “Leaders (particularly, but not just women) are under increasing pressure to perform at a high level at work; doing more with less while also wanting to fulfill family and community commitments.” Danielle has been serving clients in the wellbeing space for the past 7 years having transitioned from being a Certified Personal Trainer to Wellness Coach and is now an Executive Coach and Mentor. Danielle’s experiences as a mother flying solo, family leader, business founder, community member and volunteer drives her to build capacity to cut through the noise, waffle and excess.

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