Online Banter: Staying Cyber Safe

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Online Banter: Staying Cyber Safe

September 18, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Online Banter: Staying Cyber Safe @ ONLINE

As more and more organisations make the shift to operating completely or partially online, this increase of reliance on technology requires organisations to look at their cyber security practices.

Join Caitriona Forde, founder of caIT, and National Director of BWA Lyn Hawkins for an Online Banter exploring the current cyber threat landscape in Australia, why business owners need to take responsibility for Cyber security and data protections, and how Caitriona moved from IT to Cyber Security.

According to VMware Carbon Black’s 2020 Australia cyber-attack landscape study, the volume of cyberattacks in Australia has jumped 90 per cent since October 2019, with 88% of senior IT executives in Australia saying the attacks are more sophisticated than previous years. Caitriona will break down the Federal Government’s 2020 Cyber Strategy, which was released earlier this year, and will see a $1.67 billion investment into enhancing Australia’s cybersecurity.

However, there are many strategies small businesses, organisations, and individuals can employ to improve their cyber security, and Caitriona will share her tips on how individuals and businesses can remain cyber safe, including creating human firewalls.

Lyn will be diving deep into Caitriona’s journey that has seen her shift from IT to Cyber Security. Join these wonderful women delving into the motivations, inspirations, and lessons Caitriona has learnt along the way as well as why in the world she was bananas enough to start her own business.

About Caitriona Forde: Caitriona’s passion and mission are to educate business owners that Cyber Security is an essential requirement in business operations. From the many years of experience working with business owners from all industries and varying sizes, Caitriona has gained a strong understanding and experience in business operations and utilises this knowledge to ensure technology complements the activities of every business, maximising profitability and operational effectiveness. As an independent consultant, she has witnessed and driven some fantastic business success stories. Caitriona’s passion for technology in business continues to grow, and in more recent years, she has focused on Cyber Security and its impact on Small to Medium size businesses.

About Lyn Hawkins: Lyn is the National Director of Business Women Australia and a management consultant with a focus on business growth, marketing and cultural transformation. She has held senior roles with KPMG, HHG Legal Group, HLB Mann Judd and Telstra, in addition to General Management roles with technology-based businesses. As a Principal of a successful consulting practice Lyn works predominantly with professional services firms (legal, accounting and technology) and executive teams developing and implementing business strategies. Lyn deeply values the opportunity to explore and grow. She loves experimenting with new ideas and experiences, and enjoys opportunities to hold space for others (and for herself). “Where there is a mix of diverse, eclectic individuals you never know what to expect, but when you allow courage, truth and acceptance to take you all into a new place, good things happen.”

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