Mandurah/Murray, BWA: Cybersecurity Awareness Training

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Mandurah/Murray, BWA: Cybersecurity Awareness Training

October 13, 2021 @ 9:30 am – 11:30 am
Pinjarra Golf Club
Sutton Street Pinjarra
WA 6208 Australia
$18.41 – $35.74
Mandurah/Murray, BWA: Cybersecurity Awareness Training @ Pinjarra Golf Club
Join Caitriona Forde and Sue Daley with BWA members and guests for a a morning of invaluable cyber security awareness training.

About this event

To ensure your business is protected, it is essential for all staff and contractors in all size businesses to understand the importance of preventing cyber-attacks. Join Caitriona Forde for a morning of invaluable cyber security awareness training to learn what is cybercrime, password policies, current threats to your business and what a cybersecurity police should consist of in a business.

This event is a wonderful opportunity to make connections and friendships with fellow businesswomen where our BWA culture is built on our shared values and a generosity of spirit.


Wednesday 13th October 2021

9.30am to 11.30am

Pinjarra Golf Course, Corner of Pinjarra Road and Sutton Street, Pinjarra

Morning Tea Provided


Any questions? Contact Sue Daley to find out more.


About Caitriona Forde

Caitriona Forde has 20 years of experience in the IT industry and in recent years has focused her attention on Cyber Security and the impact it has on business. In particular, she has a strong focus on the human element of Cybersecurity and assisting companies to train their staff to be the first line of defence against Cyber Criminals. She is passionate about raising awareness of the risks of Cybercrime and helping all businesses to be Cyber Safe.

Find out more about Caitriona here.

About Sue Daley

Sue is the Mandurah/Murray Chapter leader and the region’s renovation expert. She helps homeowners, investors and business owners transform their homes, offices and investment properties into liveable, lovable spaces that you want to spend time in. Over the years Sue has developed a great network of independent trades committed to her culture of exceptional customer service. Joe (owner of Maiolo Constructions) and Sue, describe themselves as the Yin and Yang of property renovations. Sue established her first business in 2009 and is now the founder and co-owner of a group of businesses that make up the DESIGN…RENOVATE…TRANSFORM enterprise specialising in property renovations. Sue believes that knowledge is the best thing she can give her clients, by educating them on all aspects of renovations, so they are done right the first time. Sue’s dedication to supporting fellow business owners, by adhering to the local supporting local ideal, was the main reason why she re-ignited the BWA Mandurah/Murray Chapter.

Find out more about Sue here.

About Business Women Australia (BWA)

BWA provides fabulous opportunities to connect, develop great contacts, friendships and support. Our professional development focuses on business growth, personal development and leadership – we try and mix it up so our community get a bit of everything they need. Networking with like-minded women is a great way to make long-term relationships and build your reputation. Our dynamic network is an excellent source of new perspectives, experience and ideas. We share our challenges and goals providing each other with valuable support.

We welcome new members and guests to our events. Check out our online webinars too by viewing the Events Calendar on the BWA website.


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Business Women Australia is focused on key areas of development;

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