BWA Webinar: The Power of Publishing

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BWA Webinar: The Power of Publishing

March 16, 2021 @ 12:30 pm – 1:45 pm
BWA Webinar: The Power of Publishing @ ONLINE

Publishing a book is a very powerful way that female business leaders are investing in to grow their business and elevate their authority status. Done well, publishing can raise your profile, attract new customers and propel your business to new heights.

Join BWA members, guests and visitors for this interactive discussion with two experienced business leaders – Bev Ryan and Helen Nan. Hear their very valuable perspectives and insights on the real experience of book publishing. 

As a multilingual financial adviser, Helen is passionate about sharing her knowledge to assist women to build independent wealth and long term security.  Helen will share why and how she made self-publishing a key part of her business strategy, with the expert guidance of Bev Ryan. Bev will provide her tips and tricks for any future authors.

 Join us for this practical, honest and interactive discussion. There will be a chance for Q&A where you can ask the burning questions you have. It’s time to be enlightened by insights into the pros and cons of self-publishing, understand the challenges, joys, benefits, lessons learnt and tips for success.

Everyone is welcome to register for the zoom link.

This event begins on Tuesday the 16th of March 2021 at:
WA: 10:30am
SA: 1:00pm
NT: 12:00pm
QLD: 12:30pm

About Bev Ryan
Bev is a highly experienced book coach and production manager who has helped hundreds of accomplished women to define their voice and value, and publish their own non-fiction books. Author of ‘Smart Women Publish’, Bev is also a career coach, and passionately affirms that books can change lives. Her clients are mostly businesswomen and professionals who have used their books to help build new businesses, land lucrative roles, increase their profile or expand their speaking careers.
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About Helen Nan:
Helen is a Certified Financial Planner and Author of “Your Best Life”. She works with professionals and their families to help them align their money with their desired life through sound planning. Helen believes that “your money has a profound energy and purpose in your life, and your life will unfold with purpose when you are in harmony with it.” As a financial adviser since 2011, Helen has helped hundreds of clients achieve their lifestyle goals and aspirations. Also the author of ‘Your Best Life”‘ Helen tells the story of Richard and Lisa, and how they achieve their goals, illustrating the power of planning your financial success – see

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