The BWA team and I are excited to be creating new Connection Hubs – small groups 12-14 women who will meet monthly to discuss whatever the group chooses to focus on, with the assistance of a facilitator to identify which way members want the conversation to flow.   Each group will have their own facilitator and make their own ways of working together.

I’m inspired by Professor Jane Dutton who has some brilliant work on High Quality Connections.  She talks about authentic conversations that are forward moving, 2-way, energising to both parties, mutually respectful, and positive in intent.    No vampire, energy depleting monologues to be seen.

Professor Dutton highlights the benefits of true connection – giving us a higher capacity to think and create, build physiological health, increase our capacity for resilience, and find win/win outcomes.   Particularly in this time of Covid with many working remotely, this opportunity to truly connect with others can be inspirational and keep us focused on what counts.

We invite you to come along to our launch meeting next Monday, 17th January, 90 minutes to garner more about what You would like a Connection Hub to deliver that we will add to the thoughts shared at Decembers Connection Hub event.

The virtual Zoom platform allows us to use break out rooms to ensure everyone gets the opportunity to share their thoughts, dig deeper into what BWA and your Connection Hub could assist you with, support you with, or just for interact with like-minded women.

Our vision is that each Connection Hub will have 12-14 women who will meet monthly so that you get the opportunity to know one another, share challenges and offer solutions.   Hubs will be with women from across the country and the group members will direct what is discussed at each meeting.

We are looking for your input so that we can create an experience that is positive and energising, where you are fully engaged and come away from your Connection Hub forum ready to take on whatever is waiting for you.

Interesting article  that incorporates Duttons work from anothers perspective – might be useful, click here to read it?

BWA Launch: Online Community Hub

Register now to be a part of the launch, look forward to see you there.

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