Bunbury, BWA Circle: LinkedIn- Time Waster or Business Tool?

Date: 27 June 2019 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Location: Mojo’s, Victoria St Bunbury
Are you tired of all the rubbish that floods your social media feed every day?
Are you looking for a platform to make real business connects?
Business Women Australia members and guests are invited to join Cathy Smith, BWA Circle Leader and Director of CATCO Enterprises, to explore the uses of LinkedIn. Is it just another time waster or a powerful networking and business growth tool?
Join Cathy and learn some easy, yet powerful tips that you can implement LinkedIn yourself to build real relationships and grow your business.
About Cathy Smith: As the BWA Bunbury Circle Leader and owner of CATCO Enterprises, Cathy understands the challenges and opportunities of owning and building a successful business. An experienced web and graphic designer, Cathy knows how crucial it is to get your business in front of the right people. One of the lessons that Cathy has learned through her professional career that started in 1986, is that business is built on strong relationships. “We all want to feel valued and respected.” This drives her business and is part of the reason why she is passionate about Business Women Australia, motivating her to help build the Bunbury BWA network. Cathy established CATCO Enterprises in 2001 and provides tailored marketing solutions for the exact needs of small businesses, giving them the marketing results that they are looking for. The right tools, at the right time. She has forged a respected reputation as a generous and talented business woman in WA by building a business that is focused on the ability to LISTEN and RESPOND. Cathy is experienced across a variety of social media and is experienced using Linkedin as a business development and relationship-building platform.
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“Community” is a word that is often thrown around carelessly and it can be a missing factor in a lot of Business Women’s lives. BWA provides opportunities to connect, develop great contacts, make friends and support each other. Business Women Australia offers more than a superficial networking experience; BWA offers a community that you can be a part of.
About Business Women Australia (BWA)
BWA provides opportunities to connect, develop great contacts, friendships and support. Our professional development programme focuses on business growth, personal development and leadership. Networking with like-minded women is a great way to make long-term relationships and build your reputation. Our dynamic network is an excellent source of new perspectives, experience and ideas. We share our challenges and goals providing each other with valuable support.
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