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I’ve been thinking lately about leaders, and what makes a good leader. When asked by BWA how I rose to the various leadership roles I have enjoyed in my career, the truth is; leadership was not something I actively planned.  For me, the path has been about being true to my values and sticking up for what I think is the right thing to do. This does not mean that it has been easy, but that’s half the fun! Here are my seven keys to being a better leader.

Seven Ways on how to Become a Better Leader

  1. COMMUNICATE WITH CLARITY AND TRANSPARENCY: Talk things through, listen to others and ensure that there is clarity and understanding. People often fill an information vacuum with their worst-case scenario which can be destructive and unnecessary. Be honest even if you don’t have the answer and don’t put off delivering the difficult messages.
  2. TRUST: Provide your team a safe environment to be their best; innovating, problem solving, and constantly striving within an environment of trust.  Place trust in your team to do their best. Sometimes you get burnt, but genuine trust mostly pays back.
  3. COLLABORATION: The action of working together to achieve something more than sum of the parts just makes sense. Collaborating is very satisfying for all.
  4. GET INVOLVED: Get involved in the organisation and people you work with and for. Learn how the organisation operates; its purpose and driving force. What are the values and how are they Instilled? This means understanding the people at the heart of the organisation, and what’s important to them.
  5. SELF CARE: It is important to engage with friends, to get a bit of perspective and a laugh. Make heaps of time for family and friends. Get plenty of outdoor exercise. I aim to leave extra time in my week by working four days to make space for the other important things in my life.
  6. INTEGRITY AND HONESTY: Operating outside of our own personal barometer of integrity will lead to an emotional toll being taken. Only you understand where your own personal line is, and that it shouldn’t be crossed. It’s just not worth it.
  7. AUTHENTICITY: What you see is exactly what you should get. Its too complicated to be someone else, so be true to who you are.

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